An innovative program to save energy and produce revenue by capturing the power generated by rapid transit trains as they brake has earned SEPTA the state’s highest honor for commitment to the environment.

At yesterday’s SEPTA board meeting, the state Department of Environmental Protection bestowed the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence t0 the agency for its wayside energy storage project at the Griscom substation on the Market-Frankford Line. The Griscom storage facility was the second such battery installation on the line; the success of this facility and an earlier one at Letterly substation led SEPTA to expand the program systemwide and add a revenue-producing power management component to it in partnership with Viridity Energy, which sells excess storage capacity to the PJM Interconnection power pool when needed.

“SEPTA is committed to an authority-wide sustainability program, and we are pleased to be making important ‘green’ investments on behalf of our customers and the region,” SEPTA General Manager Jeffrey D. Knueppel said in a news release. “We will continue using new technologies and innovation to develop projects such as the wayside energy initiative.”

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